100 Day Journey

You should write a book.

Somehow that seems like the thing to say to people that write. When I hit publish on first blog post, the fear was overwhelming. What if it sounds stupid? What if no one thinks I am funny? What if I am the only person that reads this?

Just like anything else in my world, I have come to the place where I understand that my writing will reach the places and people that it supposed to reach. I know that for some postings, the intended audience is myself. What I needed was the encouragement to put words to thoughts and feelings and then let it go. So, I have.

But this thought of a book has been mulling in my mind space. I had an idea. I had a vision. Should I do it? Here’s the truth – maybe there is a book in me somewhere, but I have decided to share my vision in the context of my blog. I am constantly amazed by people’s love to create. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by dedicated creators and life-learners. Some of my favorites are participating in a 100 day challenge beginning on Monday, August 14th. Want to join? There are artist, dreamers, students of prayer and meditation and yes, this writer. Daily, from August 14 -November 21, I will be sharing this space with you as I unpack something I am calling Liturgical Faith.

There are two things I know about my life:

1. It is a story full of journey.

2. It is rhythmically continual.

We all understand that with each passing 365 day cycle, we begin again. This is true of the church calendar, as well. In each year, we look to the seasons for the consistent pattern of progress. Unlike the calendar on your phone or your wall, the church calendar usually begins in late November with a season known as Advent. From there, we celebrate Christmas and Epiphany followed by ordinary time. We then continue with Ash Wednesday, which points us to the season of Lent. There are significant days that lead to Easter that include Holy Thursday, Good Friday, The Easter Vigil and Resurrection Sunday. But did you know that Easter is 50 days? You will learn more! Easter is completed on Pentecost and then we return again to ordinary time. For those that are already lost, you have 100 days and specific explanations to fill you in on the meaning and significance of each of these seasons.

My 42 trips through the 365 day calendar have given me appreciation for the changing but predictable rhythms of my spiritual life. I have spent time planning these 100 days of writing while praying that the stories will encourage you and the connection to our faith history will engage you. More than anything, I pray that you will be motivated to see YOUR story as God’s great story. If there are spaces and seasons that you connect with, let me know. If there are stories that are your stories, be brave enough to say, “ME TOO!”

One of the things that I know for sure is that we are better together. I don’t think that the mode matters, so in this season I will forgo the book for the journey of a daily blog. Perhaps in this 100 day journey we will find each other more connected, more filled and more aware that this world is not without a great Hope.

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