JOURNEY:liturgical circles

It’s a good thing I have a since of humor. I know that God does.

In August, I began a 100 day writing effort. I tell the story behind it here. With great expectations and my very best planning, I told the first 21 days of the previously planned out 100 day journey of Liturgical Faith. And then Harvey…and crisis…and illness. My plate has been very full.

But tomorrow begins the Lenten seasons, and my life always seems to come back to this great cycle of growth. Last Lent, I wrote daily in a blog that I called Lenten Longings. It was my first public writing gig. I knew that this would be the season to return to my regular writing pattern. So tomorrow, I will restart my liturgical history in the second entry of Epiphany.

With the humor only a Divine Creator could possess, I sat down to see what 47 days into my 100 day plan would net. You see Lent is 40 days, not counting Sundays, so Easter gives me 47 blog available days. Anyone want to guess what day #47 brings? Yep. Resurrection. Exactly. 47 entires from where I stopped lands me writing about Easter on Easter. What the?

So I will press on. If you forgot where I left off, you can catch up with a determined college senior that knows everything in Day 21.

Happy Fat Tuesday.

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