P!nk: Resurrection Through Music

In September of 2007, less than 6 months sober, I went to Las Vegas…like you do. It was with a purpose. I was going to see Justin Timberlake. It was the Future Sex/Love Sound tour and one of my favorites, P!nk was his opener. Seriously, this was like a mission. Unfortunately, P!nk did not open for this small leg of the tour. Unfortunately, P!nk was not going to Vegas. Unfortunately, Good Charlotte was. For the record, JT was worth the trip, but I was super disappointed as I had already become a P!nk super-fan.

I was intrigued with her solo debut. I was totally impressed on the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack. But then she released Missundaztood, I was hooked. Sure, the pop danceable beats made for great car jams, but songs like “Just Like a Pill” and “Family Portrait” told me that I needed more from this female badass. Her third album was less of a record breaker but there was this one song, “If God Was a DJ.” She made me dance and laugh and enjoy some great bass playing.

But THEN, she outdid herself with her fourth and fifth albums, I’m Not Dead and Funhouse. There was no irony lost on me in the timing of either of these albums. At all. There are many songs on these albums that stir things inside me, but there are two songs that just tied 2006-2008 together. “I Have Seen the Rain” (a song that she recorded with her dad) and “Sober” (need I explain?) wrapped all the hurt and pain and crazy into a musical collection.

I wrote a song called “Sober”, which is actually really dark. I was at a party at my own house, I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t want anyone else there. And I had this line in my head saying, ‘How do I feel this good sober?’, it’s not just about alcohol, it’s about vices, we all have different ones. We try to get away from ourselves, and find our ‘true selves’ and then we do these things that take us so far from the truth, I guess that ‘Sober’ is ‘How do I feel this good when it’s just me, without anything to lean on?’.    -P!nk

On September 24, 2009, I finally got to see my first P!nk concert. I went with 5 of my favorite people in the world. I danced and sang and wore pink hair gel. I love music. I P!nkhave one of the most eclectic playlists. It jumps from Amy Grant to Dr. Dre and back to John Michael Montgomery without pause. But there is not another artist that can depict my highs and pissed moods and dance parties and lowest of lows like she can. And her shows! The first one I saw was the Funhouse tour. She was wild and gentle and sexy and mad and so very strong. The way she sang “Glitter in the Air” had me wanting that physical and spirit strength. This was a holy moment.

I saw her again on the Truth About Love Tour in 2013. This time I went with all girls. So great! I wore epic shoes. I sang and sang. And, I learned a very important lesson. I cannot see P!nk without being close enough to dance and sing and be in the middle of the show. The top section of the Toyota Center just did not work out for me when it came to this show. So I waited. And for the record, 3 times in almost 10 years is just not enough to Lee Lee Pinkexperience the joy I feel at these shows. BUT! This Saturday, I get to see her on her latest tour for the album Beautiful Trauma. When the tickets were released, I sat with my pre-sale code to get them. I bought two.

I have spent the last 6 months counting down. I have teased and threatened about who would be attending with me this time. Just tonight, Lucas asked, “Have you decided?” Here is the final announcement: Anna Jane, it’s your turn. But, my sweet child, if you act like I am embarrassing (I will be), if you expect me to sing quietly (I won’t) or if you tell me that it was not the most wonderful concert that you have ever been to in your whole concert-filled existence, we may have a moment. When we get home, you can tell your dad whatever you need to, but as for me and my house, we will come back to life via P!nk.


“The tough girl part of me would say she doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks -but she’s small compared to the other part now. She keeps getting smaller. Although she’s always ready to get big again. And that bitch is crazy.” -P!nk

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