“Defying Gravity” – Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel

During the spring and summer, I walked most mornings. I got out of my bed and spent the first hour of the day wandering with the deer. Without many exceptions, each morning I would return home and start my shower to get ready. Immediately before stepping in this shower, this song was turned on. For the next 6 minutes I sang every word to this song. Everyday. Our shower is a about the size of phone booth and most days I would step in as Clark and come out as Superman, thanks to this song. I called it morning meditation.

Is there any better way to celebrate all that has been and is becoming than two witches, some flying monkeys and munchkins? I think not. If you have not seen Wicked, please start saving to go to the Gershwin. There is NOTHING like this show. Not one thing. Ever. And this is a gem. This song ends the first act. While I want to explain every detail of the how’s and why’s, just know…KNOW that if we were watching it together, this is when my tears would be flowing.

“Just say you’re sorry…you can still be with the wizard…”

“I know…but I don’t want it. No, I can’t want it anymore…”

I could (with full passionate typing) recall every word for you. But I need you to listen. Think about all that I have shared about this journey and you will get it. This is my flying song.

We would not have Dorothy or the ruby slippers without this moment. The 4:30 mark is the freedom cry. And there is no one that I want to hear this from more than a woman that doesn’t fit. Someone that has spent their life fighting her body and role and gifts. Someone that just needed to forge her own way. Even if it meant walking away from life that you have known.

“I’m through accepting limits, ‘cause someone says there so. Some things I cannot change, but until I try I’ll never know…”

When this song comes on, I have faces that sing me Glinda’s part. But Elphaba is all mine. Every green ounce of her. With her pointy hat and black dress. She is smart. She is wise. She is misunderstood. And she claims it all. For herself.

In January of 2020, my oldest turned 18 and I took her to New York. Seeing Wicked was a must. Do we think that there is any coincidence that one of the last “normal” things I did before the world went whack-a-do was to be in this theatre? Nope.

A few weeks ago I let a friend see what this song does to me. My family has seen…heard…been tortured for so long. For all the reasons, I don’t sing in front of people. Much less perform. But we were cooking and listening to music and I was using my best curious thinking and decided that I wanted to share this song. So I didn’t just turn the music on. I SAAANG IT. Well, I actually performed it. Shortly after my debut, Lucas walked in and the tale was recounted. As he tried not to chuckle, he looked at me, smirked and said, “I’m so sorry” to my friend. And we all 3 laughed. So hard.

You can’t contain a song like this. And that sums up my Christmas wish today. For myself and for those that are brave enough, do it. Sing it. Dance it. Pretend that you are Idina with Adam Lambert in the company. (Because he was.) And if your supporting team has that kind of sass behind you (and some badass monkeys) what is not possible? I didn’t say it would be easy. I actually know it won’t. But that moment. The second that your feet leave the ground and you know that flying is what you were created for, you will get it. Just throw you arms wide open. To all my fellow green girls, I’ll see you in the western sky. Defy. Everyone deserves the chance to fly.

Merry Christmas, all.

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