“Never Gonna Not Dance Again” – P!nk

If you thought we were finished with my girl, you were so wrong. There is no better place for a song that was released with a video including a grocery store, roller skates, fishnets and a leather corset than curiosity week. I don’t care if it only came out in November. It’s still one of the greatest curious moments of 2022. The number of times that this song has been performed in my bathroom- not just sung – is, well, just ask my youngest. She LOVES this song. (Insert mom smirk.)

Most of the music of P!nk that filled me through this year were the deeper cuts. The ones that allow me to feel like I could roll back the bad ass for a bit. In July, she released a song that I had been craving and didn’t know how to curiously explore this discontent. The song is “Irrelevant” and I needed it. It’s pissy. It’s hard. And the quiet moments of the song are painful. There is so much truth in these lyrics from the last years of my life. This song was the perfect bridge from tender to wanting my life to be a Whitney Houston song. On November 4th (also the birthday of one of my favorite creative thinking humans…coincidence?) this freaking song dropped.

What you need to know is that I asked for roller skates for Christmas because of this song. That’s how much this song makes my insides come to life. This song is a Album of the Year for a curious human. Especially the video. I want to have a fit on the floor with a crying child. I want to be the crazy old lady with the cart. I want to follow her around in that parking lot and dance my heart out. In addition to the fun factor, did you listen to the words?

If someone told me that the world would end tonight, you could take all that I got for once I wouldn’t start a fight (yeah right)…we’ve already wasted enough time…I’m never gonna not dance again.

I need more of this fun in life. I’ve chosen people in my inner circle that remind about this. They give me space to figure out what part of my dance MUST continue. They have helped me laugh at myself. They have allowed me the space to find my favorite songs so that I can always access the dance I need. They have insisted that no idea was too crazy to entertain. And they have literally stood by me while I do the curious new things. Gosh, I love these humans. Here a few moments that will be in my video if I get my roller skates. I have plans. And I still think the fam thinks I’m gonna break my neck. Whatevs.

This one is the chief encourager of my curious. ♥️
Need I say more?
We have to laugh.
And I love that laughing is a WE activity.
Flowers are curious fun for me.
I’ll never forget this day. And when your people know how you feel joy, that’s fun. So much fun.

I’m grinning so big. That’s what these pictures and this song (and a lot of grace with myself as I redefine what makes me come alive today) have done for my life. The one thing that I refuse to give up is the dance of curiosity. It’s the most rewarding, life giving ride ever. This song and day and the feelings behind it are the reason I chose my word of the year for 2023. I usually share it on New Year’s, but let’s live curiously. The word is BLOOM. I spent weeks mulling what I thought was the perfect representation of where I long to be. And then I thought about what is ahead in the coming year. I’m launching my last kiddo. I’m moving back in with my hubs after 2 1/2 years apart. I mean, just a few things. It’s from this curious new place that I’m not afraid today. I can’t let this growth stagnate. I can’t wait to learn new dances. In new places. On new adventures. With new people. Even if my family thinks I’m too old to do it on roller skates. 🛼♥️

P.S. if I rent a grocery store for my birthday party you think P!nk would bring her skates? I have some curious ideas brewing…

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